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Writing historical suspense has been my secret ardor, hiding it beneath my bed. Come, have a look; I'll light the candles.

My historical suspense novels - Cover Art: Avery Lee Wynings

Ashes of a Madman

Historical Suspense 1880's England and Africa. 

An Englishwoman explores the depths of Africa with her husband and discovers murder, substance abuse and an obsession with death rituals are only some of the secrets he keeps from London's aristocratic society. In the depths of the Dark Continent, Rebecca, with the best of intentions, has just made a terrible mistake. Her new husband, Geoff Ramsay, is a titled anthropologist, a bold adventurer, who persuades her to join him and his team into the Congo, ostensibly to map the prospective railway. The team's true fixation was with the death rituals of a tribe on the far side of Lake Victoria. Determined to win back her husband's fickle attention, she agreed, only to discover the intrigues which truly separate them. Rebecca unravels the mystery behind the death of her husband's colleague only to discover another murder. Not only must she unlock the mystery behind the murder, she must avert her own. Can she save her marriage? Can she make it safely back to London? How damaged must she become to discover who manipulated the conspiracy surrounding the deaths of those who came before her, and protect herself and those she loves from revenge?

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Chattan Bride

Chattan Bride

Historical Suspense 13th Century Scotland and England.

As the daughter of a strong English baron, Isabel is compelled by peace negotiations to become the child-bride of the enemy, the powerful and fierce Scottish Laird of the Chattan clan, Alysandir. Her youth and his distaste for a marriage alliance with his enemy render her strenuous efforts to win his approval almost futile. Even though she failed him in a complex situation, why would he allow his former fiancee to get away with an attempt to kill her? When her dying father calls her home to England, she is forced to be braver than her years as her exiled, murderous half-brother, Gilbert, attempts to wrest control of Bamborough Castle from her father, who was determined to never allow Gilbert the inheritance. Could a wizened Alysandir soften her battle-hardened heart, protect her from her treacherous half-brother and brother-in-law, and win Isabel back? 

Growing up amid the border wars taught Isabel to be strong, cautious and adaptable. Fighting in those wars made Alysandir inflexible and distrustful, but patient and brave as well. Could he secure his lands in the blood-stained peace and keep his new bride safe? After he broke her, could he gather her back to himself and teach her to trust him before her half-brother and brother-in-law kill her over a piece of borderland?

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Blind Man's Bluff: Black Butterfly

Blind Man's Bluff: Black Butterfly

Historical Suspense Regency England and Napoleonic Wars

As a spy for the English in the throes of the Napoleonic Wars, Marrok, the Marquis de Condorcet, has a myriad of secrets and many more enemies. When he discovered a woman at the brink of death on his lands, he took a risk in both saving her life and trusting her with a crucial communication about a French informer, only to discover that she held more secrets than he did. Would risking their lives for each other help them identify who attempted to murder her or reveal how dangerous their connection is? 

Discarded in a ravine and left for dead, Felicite is at the mercy of a dangerous and duplicitous man. He could help her solve who was behind the brutal attack on her life, but not before her involvement with him nearly gets them both killed. They seek refuge in England, but the more she learns about her attackers reveals the caverns of intrigue that both pull her closer to Marrok and thrust her into the realization that she is far more suspicious and dangerous than her protector.

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About Maria

New Orleans


I'm a native of New York State and grew up in the beautiful Adirondacks, but have lived in several states. Lafayette, Louisiana was home for a bit and it's where my toes thawed; I learned to cook like a Cajun and kayak around alligators. Now I call Florida home. I've learned to snorkel and have had a manatee swim up to me . Every place I have been has shaped, informed and inspired me!

Current Work in Progress

Am I the world's slowest writer? Some fans have accused me of such and I just smile and nod. I'm working on the second in the Blind Man's Bluff series and hope to have it finished somewhere at the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020.  Hopefully there will be four in that series and a spin-off plot that will encompass another three. One day I hope to get back to Chattan Bride and tell you what happens to Isabel in the future. 

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